Traditional Fixed Income


Approach: The investment team at Robinson has extensive experience working with public institutions throughout the country, and Michigan in particular. The team averages over 30 years of experience partnering with state and local governments to maintain safe and liquid investments, while helping them achieve their investment goals.

Style: First and foremost, we never forget that we are there to protect the portfolio. This means safety first, and constantly protecting the portfolio from downside risks that can produce any type of loss. Liquidity is a secondary consideration and we continuously work with each client to determine future cash flow needs and to ensure cash is available when needed. Last, we search for opportunities to increase the yield of the portfolio using all eligible opportunities available to the client’s portfolio.

Client Collaboration: Maintaining consistent contact with our clients is paramount to our goal of enjoying a trusting and collaborative relationship that aims to protect the entire portfolio of the public entity. In addition to periodic face-to-face meetings, we encourage using our management team as a resource and consultant for any investment-related question or concern. We want to be considered a strategic partner and extension of your investing decision-makers. Robinson also participates in numerous educational programs for Treasurers and Finance Officers, which we encourage our clients to attend.


Investment Management of Municipal Operating Funds
Our clients include counties, cities, townships and enterprise authorities governed by Public Act 20. Portfolio investments adhere to each client’s investment policy and concentrate on the safety and liquidity of the portfolio over yield.

Banking Research
One consistent area of risk for public funds is exposure to local banking institutions. Robinson provides access to our proprietary banking research to any public entity in Michigan for free. Research reports on all banks eligible under Public Act 20 are available on a quarterly basis.

Pension/Retirement Fund Management
Our investment team has a long and successful track record investing pension fund assets. Our approach focuses on protecting the portfolio against downside risk and includes positions across investment grade securities.

Compliance Monitoring
Robinson utilizes a portfolio trading and accounting system that continuously monitors client portfolios for adherence to both client and state investment guidelines.



  • The Principals average over 30 years managing fixed income portfolios.
  • The Principals have an historical average of 10+ years working together.
  • Our backgrounds cover all the major fixed income disciplines.


  • Jim Robinson has been the CEO of 2 large investment firms, including the State’s largest.
  • All Principals have been involved in the successful growth of multiple firms.
  • The Team, both individually and collectively, has a history of strong relative performance.
  • The Team also has a strong history of maintaining low portfolio risk
  • Our process has proven to be repeatable.


  • We never forget that we are fixed income managers.
  • Our primary focus is to protect the portfolio from downside risk.
  • Our past success is proof that this can be achieved without giving up long-term performance.