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Client Mandate

The foundation of Robinson Capital’s philosophy and focus is our client expectations. We strive to fulfill their needs with every investment decision we make. All of our clients are looking for us to generate maximum yields while incurring minimum levels of risk. They want to avoid any losses, even if the overall market is down considerably.

Client Mandate

About Robinson Capital

Founded in December 2012, Robinson Capital is an independent investment advisor specialized in developing traditional and alternative fixed income solutions. Our investment approach employs both fundamental and value techniques to best identify positive risk/reward opportunities and to maintain a consistent and disciplined approach. Portfolio objectives are then tailored to each client’s specific requirements in a highly personalized manner. Robinson Capital also specializes in alternative value investing strategies, particularly through special purposes acquisition companies (SPACs) and closed-end mutual funds (taxable and tax-exempt).

Robinson Capital’s CEO is James C. Robinson, a veteran bond trader who formerly headed Michigan’s biggest private money management firm and specialized in developing cash management solutions for leading insurance companies. In addition, our principals are a seasoned team of portfolio managers that have extensive experience managing fixed income portfolios.

Investment Philosophy

Robinson Capital’s investment philosophy is to produce performance consistency for our clients through the combined use of diversified strategies and the disciplined analysis of the fixed income markets. Our investing style emphasizes the identification of long-term trends and favorable risk/return scenarios using multiple strategies throughout the fixed income markets. A broad approach reduces our reliance on any one source of return generation. Discipline is maintained through our extensive use of proprietary analytical tools and set allocation ranges. In addition, we place a high degree of concentration on protecting the portfolio from downside risk, which we believe is an integral part of managing fixed income portfolios. Robinson Capital’s overall investment objective is to add consistent value over time using numerous portfolio designs, while maintaining volatility and risk, to a minimum.


Traditional Fixed Income