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Robinson Capital Management’s banking research is offered to Michigan-based counties, cities, townships, and school districts as a free service. In order to subscribe, we ask that you answer a few questions regarding the economic health of your entity, which we plan on using to improve the demographic analysis of the research. If you are interested in registering for a username and password, please contact Greg Prost at:

Robinson’s banking research reports assign credit scores to all banking institutions with operations in Michigan using a number of  data sources and approaches. Credit scores are based on our analysis of creditworthiness, taking into account the risk of default for each entity. A score of A, B or C represents an investment grade rating and signals a high level of comfort with the institution’s ability to make debt payments over the next 6-12 months. A credit score of F is considered below investment grade, and represents our concern with the institution’s ability to continue to operate independently. For each bank, we start with traditional financial statement analysis to calculate a base credit score, similar to most banking research offerings. In addition, we consider a number of other factors that we believe enhance detection of instability, including: size, diversity of loans, geographic region, and financial data trends.


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